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Start a new file window

This dialog box permit you to set the properties of the new file (each file contain one line).

1 input data type: Here you can select one of three types of input data: "Responded & non responded", "Total & responded" and "responded percentage".

For example if the number of treated insects was 100 ,number of responded is 60 and number of non responded is 40.
If your data type like 60 and 40 then select "Responded & non responded".
If your data type like 100 and 60 then select "Total & responded" .
If your data type like 60% then select "responded percentage".
In the third case the total number of insect will be considered = 100

2 Units: Some units are available to select the suitable one. If your unit is not available you can edit it your self in the same place.
clicking on "per" will allow you to select or edit the denominator of concentration.

For example selecting gm from the first combo box then clicking on "per" then selecting L from the second combo box that will give you gm/L.

LdP line will try to suggest your factor (dose, con. or time) according to the units.
You can correct the suggested factor (if it is not correct) by clicking on the correct factor.
  • Abbreviation will be LD at dose
    Abbreviation will be LC at con.
    Abbreviation will be LT at time
  • Selecting time will allow you to correct each treatment with its own control test.
  • If you have other factor like temperature or any other factor, You can edit your own factor and abbreviation and unit after clicking on "Customize units" button. Thus you can you customize your own factor and abbreviation and units. You can also correct each treatment by its own control test by using "control associates each treatment"option (Not appear in the example above).
3 Probability of T value: This T value is used to calculate the confidence limits of the mean of the replicates within each treatment.
There are 3 values of Probabilities to select one of them. They are 0.10, 0.05 and 0.01.
4 Max accepted SD: That mean the maximum accepted value of SD within replicates of each treatment (dose or con. ext ...).
If any treatment gave SD more than this value it will be excluded.
Leave it blank to accept infinite value of SD.
5 Replicates weighting: This option allow you to weight replicates according to the number of treated insects.
I.e. multiply the response of each replicate by its insect number then divided the result by total insect number to calculate the mean.
6 Probability of T value: This T value is used to calculate the confidence limits of LD s , LC s or LT s ? ext.
There are 3 values of Probabilities to select one of them 0.10, 0.05 and 0.01.
7 Set as default: To save current state and options of this dialog box as your default in the future.
8 Load default: To call your default.
9 Always use last state as default: This option will save current state every time when you press OK
10 OK button: To accept these properties and start a new file (Line).
11 Cancel button: To cancel and back to main window.
12 Help Button: To display related help.

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